Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Beautiful Day :: {Utah Wedding Photographer}

Rebekah & Steven's Wedding 542 v

Rebekah & Steven's Wedding 001

Rebekah & Steven's Wedding 010

Rebekah & Steven's Wedding 021 v

Rebekah & Steven's Wedding 052 v

Rebekah & Steven's Wedding 045 v

Rebekah & Steven's Wedding 069 v

Rebekah & Steven's Wedding 097 v

Rebekah & Steven's Wedding 132 v

Rebekah & Steven's Wedding 226 v

Rebekah & Steven's Wedding 213 v

Rebekah & Steven's Wedding 230

Rebekah & Steven's Wedding 243 v

Rebekah & Steven's Wedding 304 v

Rebekah & Steven's Wedding 538

Rebekah & Steven's Wedding 354 v

Rebekah & Steven's Wedding 343 v

Rebekah & Steven's Wedding 365 v

Rebekah & Steven's Wedding 482 bw

Rebekah & Steven's Wedding 329 v

Rebekah & Steven's Wedding 467 v

Rebekah & Steven's Wedding 442 bw

Rebekah & Steven's Wedding 461 v

Rebekah & Steven's Wedding 528 v

Rebekah & Steven's Wedding 525 v

One of my favorite things about documenting a couple's wedding is the opportunity I have to photograph them just minutes after they say "I do." I feel so honored to be the one walking with the couple, capturing their smiles, kisses, and embraces. The joy on their faces is simply undeniable!

These two have been friends since Jr. High School and had the sweetest love story. The bride simply glowed as she told me all the details of how they met and fell in love! Even with freezing temperatures and fierce winds, this couple smiled, laughed, and were a dream to work with. I am so glad I was able to photograph their big day. Congratulations you two!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Radiant :: Utah Wedding Photographer

May 4th and 5th Shoots 318 haze100 - Copy

May 4th and 5th Shoots 154 v014

May 4th and 5th Shoots 346 bw115

May 4th and 5th Shoots 350 haze119

May 4th and 5th Shoots 404 v140

May 4th and 5th Shoots 444 haze155

I love doing bridals for several reasons:

1. I love having that "one-on-one time" with the bride before her special day. There's just something so magical about seeing a girl in her wedding dress...she sparkles almost as much as the ring on her finger!

2. I love capturing the special details of her dress, her jewelry, her shoes, and her bouquet without the all the stress and hustle and bustle of the typical wedding day schedule.

3. I love meeting the wonderful friends and family that accompany the bride on the shoot! They are always so supportive and are great at making the bride laugh.

I titled this post "Radiant" for a reason --- this bride was just that! Her dress was beautiful, her hair was a wonderful session. I feel so honored to be covering her wedding in a few weeks.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Pure Sweetness :: {Utah Newborn Photographer}


May 4th and 5th Shoots 095 bw

May 4th and 5th Shoots 128 bw

May 4th and 5th Shoots 098 bw

1 bw

When I was editing this session, I couldn't help but think of this little poem the entire time:

Sugar and spice,
and everything nice,
that's what little girls are made of.

Sunshine and rainbows,
and ribbons for hair bows,
that's what little girls are made of.

Tea parties, laces,
and baby doll faces,
that's what little girls are made of.

This sweet little newborn must have inspired that poem...she certainly was sugar and spice and everything nice! I loved the way she curled up and cuddled with her blanket, the way her dainty little fingers wrapped around her mother's, and the way her lips puckered out into that darling "newborn pout". What an honor it was to photograph this little one so soon after she was born...I hope that you all had a wonderful Mother's Day and took the time to let your own mom know how much you care. I don't know what I would do without mine!

Friday, May 14, 2010

A day in the park :: {Utah Engagement Photographer}

I am so happy for this couple! They are adorable and had SO much fun together. We couldn't have asked for more perfect was a gorgeous day. Congrats you two!